List of Homophones


Sentence Structure Approach

The thought that was given in the creation of the sample sentences was that they might be whimsical, informative, philosophical or just "tongue-in-cheek" fun. In creating the samples, attempts were made to use the homophones in alphabetical order within one sentence.

Whenever possible, key words and phrases will be used that are "relative" to a given homophone.
For example, the sentence:

"In matters of principle, the deans and principal of the school set the guidelines for teachers and students".

The use of the word "dean" and the phrase "of the school", frame the word "principal". The word "guidelines" relates to the phrase "...matters of principle" to support that association.

Sample sentences are shown for "A", "B" and "C" homophones. Sentences for the other letters have not been created.