List of Homophones



Sample sentences are shown for "A", "B" and "C" homophones. Sentences for the other letters have not been created.

Sentence Structure Approach: A

A, Eh
In A quizzical tone, the Englishman asked "Eh, what did you say?"
Ad, Add
Place an ad in the newspapers to add to your chances of reaching the right market.
Adds, Adz
What adds to the beauty of subtractive wood sculpting, is the careful use of the adz.
Aye, Eye, I
"Aye", said the sailor, "I saw the pirate with a black patch over one eye."

Ait, Ate, Eight
I was so hungry while stranded on the ait that I ate as many as eight raw fish everyday.

Auk, Awk
The auk flew overhead and screeched "Awk!"
All, Awl
All the carpenters keep an awl in their tool boxes.
Air, Ere, Heir
One should air a will or reveal the contents of ere a death that may exclude an unnamed heir.

Aisle, I'll, Isle
After we walk down the aisle, I'll take you to an isle of paradise for our honeymoon.

Aid, Aide
Aid and comfort is accorded to every patient by the nurses aide.
Aerie, Airy
The eagle's aerie was on a lofty mountain peak in a bright and airy location.
All together, Altogether
We were all together on the bus , however when the traffic stopped altogether, some people got off the bus and walked.
All ready, Already
We hapurchased our tickets, packed our suitcases and were all ready to board when we were informed that the plane had already departed.
Ant, Aunt
The ant crawled upon the shoe of our Aunt Jean.